Virtual Tools for Current Participants

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While Nu-Dimensions YouthBuild originally intended to serve our participants with more hands-on direction and education, the Covid-19 pandemic made such approaches more challenging. As a result, Nu-Dimensions YouthBuild and several of our community partners are currently using virtual tools to reach our students.

Virtual NCCER Training

Our partners at Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC) are working with YouthBuild staff and students to provide National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) training through their virtual platform. All participants of our program are registered for this six week online training through the college and will be provided their certification following completion of the YouthBuild program. The program focuses on the core NCCER training. You can learn more about NCCER by clicking the link below to their website

Google Classroom Instruction

Beyond our focus on construction education, YouthBuild students gain access to valuable lessons in career and college prep, leadership training, financial literacy, mental and physical health, and other critical areas for support and growth. Students are added to specific lessons by the YouthBuild Team through the Google Classroom LMS. This serves to also prepare our students for the possibility of future virtual learning in higher education settings.

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Khan Academy

In addition to Google Classrooms, Nu-Dimensions YouthBuild incorporates Khan Academy as an educational tool and resource for students to improve their academic abilities and grow in basic competencies. This serves to help our students seeking to complete their GED/High School diploma and provides opportunities for practicing skills in a variety of different classes. For more information about Khan Academy, follow the link below.

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