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What Does it Mean to be a YouthBuild Partner?

As a non-profit organization, YouthBuild works side by side with community partners of all types. Although we are construction-focused, not all partners fit that field.

To ensure success for our students, Nu-Dimensions YouthBuild needs partners in Catawba County that are willing to provide services, educational opportunities , and workplace experiences. We seek to build symbiotic connections with our community partners and business to ensure an equal give and take of resources. We’re always open to new partners, no matter the size of the organization or what they are able to offer. Below are some ways that partners can help our students. If you have any questions or are interested in working with Nu-Dimensions YouthBuild, please consider filling out our partner application and reach out to the Program Director, Lavona Farr at or 828-320-7994.

How Partners Can Work With YouthBuild

Worksite Experience

At our core, Nu-Dimensions YouthBuild is focused on job placement and workplace experience for our students. Employment partners, particularly those in the construction field, can work with our job developer and students with apprenticeships, job shadowing and post-program placement. Partners have the opportunity to train potential future employees to fit appropriate roles and teach students valuable on-site skills that are necessary for employment.

Transportation Assistance

Many of our students lack viable transportation that is necessary to reach worksites or other activities. Partners in the transportation industry can help provide transportation options for our students that they may otherwise be unaware of.

Career Assistance

While our students have direct access to our job developer within the program, partners can work alongside the job developer to help students with vital career preparation assistance. This can include resume development, interview preparation, career fairs, and networking opportunities.

Recruitment Assistance

YouthBuild is always looking for new students to join our program and relies on community referrals. Partners can work with our team to refer new students to the program and share our application with students that qualify for YouthBuild.

Community Service Experience

As part of the YouthBuild program, students are required to engage in community service and leadership experience. Partners can provide volunteer opportunities and leadership development events for our students to engage in. Partners gain our students for necessary community services and needs and can help foster interpersonal and leadership skill growth in our students.

Financial Assistance

Many of our students lack financial awareness or skill in budgeting and money management. Partners can provide opportunities for financial literacy through workshops, financial counseling, and banking assistance.

Educational Assistance

Most of our students enter our program without a high school diploma. Our educational partners can help prepare students for GED/High School Equivalency, provide tutoring resources, or work with our job developer to help prepare students for higher education.

Outreach Assistance

YouthBuild is always looking for ways to increase our outreach within the community. Partners who are connected to larger organizations or groups can work with YouthBuild to share our information and connect with both potential students or partners.

Current Partners

Construction Partners

  • David Looper Construction
  • Hickory Mechanical

Career Partners

  • NCWorks
  • Western Piedmont Council of Governments (WPCOG)
  • Goodwill Industries

Academic Partners

  • Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC)
  • Rosenwald Education Center
  • Alex Lee Career and Professional Development Center

Community Resource Partners

  • Catawba County Library System
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